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WELLINGTON http://www.manchestercityfcpro.com/Kids-Claudio-Bravo-Jersey/ , Sept. 15 (Xinhua) -- New Zealand Prime Minister John Key on Monday denied claims that he had acted at the behest of Hollywood movie moguls in granting residency to a convicted hacker and German Internet millionaire who is fighting extradition to the United States on copyright piracy and money-laundering charges.

Kim Dotcom, who was granted residency against the advice of intelligence officials in 2010, was arrested at his Auckland home in 2012 by New Zealand Police acting with the FBI, who claimed his Megaupload file-sharing business engaged in piracy.

Dotcom has long claimed Key's government conspired with Hollywood studios to grant him residency because it would have been easier for U.S. authorities to extradite him from New Zealand than from his previous home in Hong Kong although Key has always denied ever knowing about him until his arrest.

On Monday, Dotcom produced "evidence" to back his claim: an e- mail allegedly from Warner Bros chairman and chief executive Kevin Tsujihara to a senior executive at the Motion Picture Association of America, a lobby group for Hollywood studios, in October 2010.

The e-mail was allegedly written shortly after talks between Key and Tsujihara over Warner Bros plans to film "The Hobbit" movies in New Zealand.

The alleged email read "John Key told me in private that they are granting Dotcom residency despite pushback from officials about his criminal past. His AG (Attorney-General) will do everything in his power to assist us with our case."

Both parties in the e-mail told the New Zealand Herald newspaper on Monday that the e-mail was a "fake."

Key said in a statement Monday that he stood by his previous comments.

"The conversation allegedly reported on in the e-mail did not take place," Key said. "People will see this for what it is."

Dotcom, who organized a public meeting Monday featuring video links to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to discuss claims that New Zealand spy agencies are carrying out mass surveillance, declined to say how he came by the e-mail.

The Fairfax news organization reported that Dotcom's Canadian lawyer Bob Amsterdam said the e-mail had been referred to New Zealand Parliament speaker for an inquiry.

The main opposition Labour Party called on Key to release all minutes, notes, briefings and e-mails relating to his meetings with Warner Bros in New Zealand and in the United States.

"John Key must also order the release of the full Immigration New Zealand file on Kim Dotcom," Labour leader David Cunliffe said in a statement.

"Claims just days before that an Immigration official said there was 'political pressure' to process Kim Dotcom's immigration application must now also be cleared up."

Called Assos in ancient times (and sometimes today), Beh ram kale is a divided city: half its inhabitants live around the imposing ruins, set on a hill, the others in the small port below. Assos (daily 8.30amsunset; charge) may have been a Hit tite settlement in the 13th century BC, but its true rise began in the 8th century BC when settlers from the Greek island of Lesbos took root here. They constructed a terraced city, much of which remains, on an impregnable site above Aegean shipping routes. In the 4th century BC, Hermias, a former student at Plato's Academy in Athens, rose to power, instituted a regime based on the Platonic notion of the philosopherking and founded a school of philosophy,

attracting Aristotle, who eventually married the king's niece. After Hermias's execution by the Persians, the city passed from one ruling power to the next; the medieval Ottomans dismantled much of the ancient town for building stone. The view from the ancient acropolis is wonderful down the coast, and over to Lesbos. An American archaeological team is currently restoring the 6thcentury BC Temple of Athena. Around lie the remains of the ancient agora, gymnasium and theatre. The necropolis is well preserved, strewn with pieces of the limestone sarcophagi for which ancient Assos was famous, and about 3km (2 miles) of the old city walls are intact. A curiously modern note is struck by the simply proportioned 14thcentury Murad Hudav endigar Camii.

The little fishing harbour, at the bottom of a steeply twist ing road, has a compact collection of restaurants and hotels popular with the Istanbul art set. Since the Greeks are encamped only 8km (5 miles) away, at Lesbos, the town also has its own border police.

Follow the coast road around the Gulf of Edrernit to the charm ing city of Ayvahk, 131km (81 miles) south of Behramkale. Founded by Ottoman Greeks in the 16th century, it was a prosperous, ethnically Greek city left all but empty after its in habitants were ejected from Turkey in 1923. It's since been re settled, but its square stone houses and narrow, winding streets overhung with balconies and lined with lovely carved wood en doorways still feel Greek. Stop at the busy central bazaar where cobblers and metalsmiths ply their trades. Tall minarets mark the city's mosques; note especially Saatli Camii (for merly Agios Ioannis), named after its clocktower. The mosques are mainly former Greek Orthodox churches.

The best beaches are several kilometres south of the city at Sarimsakh, heavily developed with lines of holiday hotels, bars, discos and restaurants. Boat excursions leave from Ay vahk (near the information booth on the waterfront) every morning. The trip lasts for most of the day and includes the nearby islands such as Alibey Adasi, popular with ancient travellers including Plinys Elder and Younger and Ptolemy, and makes frequent stops for a swim.

Pergamon, 54km (33 miles) south of Ayvalik on Route E87, was once the royal city of the Attalids, and the most magnif icent Hellenistic city in Asia Minor. Give yourself plenty of time here, for this was one of t.
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